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Electronic Manufactuting of Texas has the abilty for turnkey customer support, but we also offer a limited over the counter excess parts sales. Below is a list of some of our inventory.

AD1170: Analog Devices: (progarmmable A/D convertor) $205.00
AD202KY: Analog Devices: (Iso amp) $62.00
MC-30: Gamma: (power supply 3Kv, 1ma pc mount) $88.00
AD581KH: Analog Devices: (IC,AD 581 voltage reference) $10.50
515D12: Martek Power: (dc-dc convertor) $40.00
WR12S05/3000: Artesyn: (converter, 9-18vdc in, 5vdc out) $110.00
2105S12A1: Martek Power: (dc-dc convertor 12v-5v 4amp) $93.00

Feel free to email us for a complete list of our excess inventory, discounts are availble for higher quanity orders.